Biobizz Root Juice

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Root·Juice™ is a slight fertilizer, which combines two natural substances: premium humic acid and seaweed. The mixture will encourage vigorous root development and enhances the natural biological life that surrounds and supports the root system of a plant. Strong and healthy root system is a guarantee for better nutrient absorption and as a result the plants will be stronger and harvest much better. It can be used right from the start, while it helps with the initial roots stage as well as the growth of plants that have already rooted. Suitable to use in any kind of substrate.

  • NPK: 0,1-0,1-0,1

  • 100% Organic

  • Humic Acid and Seaweed

  • Supports vigorous root development

  • Healthy roots are equal to better nutrient absorption

  • Suitable for the seedling and already developed plants

  • Dosage 1-4 ml/L

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250 ml 250 ml CVG00052 200283 14,29 €
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10 L 10 L CVG00056 200285-b 330,00 €