Biobizz Light Mix

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Light·Mix® is slightly pre-fertilized substrate, which provides ideal foundation for encouraging vigorous growth in seedlings, young plants and cuttings-right from the beginning.

It gets the vital micro activity going, producing organic catalysts that rapidly develop root structures. The mixture has been blended to ensure optimal drainage throughout the entire medium, a property that is essential if automatic irrigation systems are used. In case of automatic watering it is important for the substrate to allow the water to infiltrate, otherwise the substrate can become too wet, which can cause mould.

It contains of natural organic elements rather than mineral salts such as magnesium or sulfates that are found in synthetic fertilizers. This ensures the medium Electrical Conductivity (EC) value.

  • 100% Organic

  • Lightly pre-fertilized

  • Suitable also for seedlings

  • EC: 1.2

  • pH: 6.2

  • 20% Sphagnum peat moss

  • 35% base soil

  • 10% high quality organic worm-humus

  • 30% perlite

  • 5% Pre Mix

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20 L 20 L CVG00048 100101-A 5,50 €
50 L 50 L CVG00049 100101 11,00 €