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Leaf·Coat™ is a ready-to-use plant protection product that strengthens the plant and protects the plant against unwanted insects and damaging leaf fungi.

It is made from natural latex that is developed to restrain evaporation. Within a few hours after application a very thin elastic layer forms around the leaves. This natural latex creates a protective, permeable, self-degradable layer on the leaf and it allows the passage of air and light. This layer is effective enough to protect the plant against pests and diseases.

Its beneficial effects last for up to two weeks until it is naturally decomposed by light or sunlight. The solution will not be absorbed by the leaves and will not affect the taste of the fruit. If the conditions get too hot and humid (over 28°C), the spray helps prevent the plant from losing too much water through evaporation. The same effect will be there if the temperatures drops, such as in winter months, it safeguards against the cold by helping maintain the leaf temperature. There is no need to mix Leaf·Coat with water- simply apply straight from the bottle, preferably from an atomiser. Spray the leaves and flowers of the plant completely, repeat this about two times a week, until a fortnight before the end of the flowering period.

  • Ready-to-use product

  • Refill version do not include sprayer

  • Completely Organic

  • Self-Degradable in two weeks by light

  • Protects against Insects and Fungi

  • Prevents evaporation in humid and hot conditions

  • Prevents cold damages

  • Will not affect the taste of the fruits

  • 1-2 times a week

  • Size: 500 ml or 1L

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500 ml 500 ml CVG00045 200206 9,90 €
1 L 1 L CVG00046 200260 18,91 €
5 L 5 L CVG00047 200261 80,00 €