Biobizz Fish Mix

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Fish·Mix™ is rich infusion of organic fish emulsion mixed together with extract of sugar beet. It helps accelerate the growth of all living organisms in the substrate. It also stimulates the production of micro-organisms and useful bacteria in all types of substrates. It is not extracted with acids or stabilised with BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)- a synthetic preservative. It will turn the poor quality of the soil into rich and fat after few days of use, providing plants with natural minerals, micro and macro elements.

For use on all outdoor plants during the growth and flowering phase until harvest. It is also mild enough to use be used in the first stages of plants life or sprayed directly onto leaves. For use in combination with the Biobizz All·Mix it is advised to use a dose of 1 ml per litre of water or in combination with the Light·Mix® a dose of 2-4 ml per litre of water. It has a interesting fishy odour, so avoid using it indoors.

  • NPK: 5-3-4

  • 100% Organic

  • For use to all stages of growth

  • Stimulates the growth of all types of useful organisms in the soil.

  • No synthetic preservatives

  • 1-4ml/L

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250 ml 250 ml CVG00039 200218 3,36 €
500 ml 500 ml CVG00040 200219 6,30 €
1 L 1 L CVG00041 200220 10,50 €
5 L 5 L CVG00042 200221 40,34 €
10 L 10 L CVG00043 200222 77,31 €