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All·Mix® is a pre-fertilized soil mixture. It does all for creating the optimum environment for plants to flourish throughout the year.

This heavily pre-fertilized substrate mixture emulates a rich outdoor soil with a full micro active ecosystem. And it is been developed to have enough nutrient to sustain lush growth for couple of weeks, without any need to add extra ferilizer. BioBizz products contain natural organic elements rather than mineral salts such as magnesium or sulfates that you might find in synthetic fertilizers. This gives All·Mix a high Electrical Conductivity (EC) value.

When using All·Mix for the first time, moisten the substrate with water and leave it to stand for 36 hours, this activates the fertilizer and microorganisms inside the substrate. Keep the soil slightly warm at all times- if it is too cold, the microbial activity slows down, which makes it more difficult for the plants to start the grow. You should also allow the soil dry out a bit between each watering, it will promote air circulation and breathing of the soil.

  • 100% Organic

  • EC 2,4

  • pH 6,6

  • 20% Sphagnum peat moss

  • 35% Garden peat

  • 10% High quality organic BioBizz Worm-Humus

  • 30% Perlite

  • 5% Pre-Mix

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20 L 20 L CVG00022 100102-A 7,20 €
50 L 50 L CVG00021 100102 15,20 €