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Acti·Vera has been developed for protection of the plant immune system, increase metabolism and enhance nutrient absorption in all sorts of plants.

It is a mixture "out of a plant for a plant". Acti·Vera makes plants stronger and healthier, both inside and out. It protects and activates the immune system, increases germination and plant metabolism- breaking down sugars and enhancing nutrient absorption.

Acti·Vera can be used indoors and out on food crops, plantations, perennial and ornamental plants during the vegetative and flowering phase to stimulate growing and blooming. Suggested dose of 5 ml per litre of Water for watering or foliar spray. Product is 100 % Vegan.

  • 100% Organic and Vegan

  • Protects immune system of the plant

  • Increases metabolism

  • Enhances nutrient absorption

  • Increases germination

  • Supports growth and blooming

  • Dosage: 5 ml/L

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