Aquarium Systems MaxiJet Submersible pump

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Product ID: CVG02174
Vendor ID: PUMJ500

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Aquarium Systems MaxiJet Submersible pump can be used wet or dry. It is fully submersible for use in all types of aquarium and also for use in amphibian housing. 

  • Submersible multi-use pump

  • Freshwater and seawater

  • Wet & Try use

  • Can be used inside and outside the aquarium

  • Fully adjustable Nozzle 360°

  • Improved Rotor

  • Silent running and minimal upkeep

  • Self protecting motor in the event of overheating

  • Gauze for filtration foam included (foam sold separately)

  • Low electricity consumption

  • Pre-filtration foam and gauze for Maxi-Jet: 
    Adds a pre-filter to Maxi-Jet, Compatible with MJ500 and MJ1000

Variant Inlet Pipe Diameter Output Output height Pipe diameter Dimensions ID Vendor ID Price
500 L/h 18,7 mm 500 L/h 1 m 13,3 mm 90,3 x 78,6 x 50,7 mm CVG02174 PUMJ500 28,02 €
1000 L/h 18,5 mm 1000 L/h 1,3 m 12,7 mm 90,3 x 82,6 x 73,3 mm CVG02316 PUMJ1000 36,00 €