AirPot ® air pruning containers

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Air-Pot ® the original air pruning containers are made in the UK from recycled plastic since 1997. The shape of the container has been carefully refined over six generations and fifteen years of trials, ensuring that the plant develops the best possible root system.

Better aeration means a healthier growing medium and healthier root-system. Air-Pot ® grown plant roots are air pruned and is growing a mass of healthy lateral roots. Compared to conventional containers or seed trays, where the growing tap root is deformed when it meets the base of the tray.

Delivered flat, the containers are convenient to store and quick and easy to assemble. As a kit – that includes walls bases and fixings, for assembly into specific pot sizes.

Air-Pot ® 1L1 L15 cm
Air-Pot ® 3L
3 L23,5 cm
Air-Pot ® 5L
5 L25,5 cm
Air-Pot ® 9L
9 L29,5 cm
Air-Pot ® 20L
20 L31,5 cm
Air-Pot ® 38L
38 L37,5 cm